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Reasons More Films Need to Portray The Power of Art in Children’s Lives

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School systems around the world are constantly debating about the value of art in the lives of children around the globe. When there is only so much funding in a school system, is it really pertinent that the money go to funding things like the arts in school? Where lies the value in that if the advancement of the world is based on advancements in technology, math, science, and things of the like?

Art is Being Defunded in School

It’s a very sad reality to come to terms with. School systems are being faced with the defunding of arts programs in massive ways and it’s taking a toll on everybody more than the people doing the defunding would like to believe. Art is powerful. In school, it provides an outlet for students to express themselves. It teaches them to cope, to be problem solvers, it develops their brain to be able to do many things at once, and it ultimately makes them better at things like math and science.

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