Celebrity Survival, Real Life


The lives of those in the public eye seem mostly out of touch with the lives of the average person. Through hard work, talent, and good fortune, the few that succeed separate themselves from the herd of humanity and live lives that seem ethereal compared to the average Joe and Jolene. Every now and then, tragedy strikes in its most brutal fashion and we are reminded of our commonality and the frailty we share. Like watching a medical drama, we see reality collide with the fiction of what we imagine these real people to be.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson recalls being 16 and surviving a coma-inducing car crash. She states that the horrific accident changed her and turned her from a self-destructive route. The hidden physical scars and headaches are reminders of her near death experience.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford’s near miss experience came about as his vintage plane fell from the sky. The accident resulted in Ford being hospitalized for almost a month to recover from a broken pelvis, hip,  and lacerations. The accident, a result of engine failure, played out in front of national media as it became known that Ford was the pilot of the plane.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan’s accident was also a media storm. As the media became aware of Morgan’s involvement, the storm surrounding the tragedy began to grow. Social media of the scene, in the form of drive-by video, was released and took the everyday to uncommon. Morgan’s recovery has continued following the accident. He has reached a point where he is near fully recovered.

Considering the severity of the accident, Morgan being alive is a miracle. Morgan’s van was hit by a tractor trailer from behind. The semi driver was tired and was not able to react in time to stop. Morgan suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple broken bones, and internal injuries. He considers himself fortunate to be alive. Jimmy Mack, one of Morgan’s closest friends, lost his life in the accident.

Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay survived the accident that took her mother, Jayne Mansfield’s, life. A recent injury on the set of Law and Order: SVU resulted in emergency surgeries to repair a collapsed lung. Hargitay was about the same age as her child when she lost her mother, and the parallels were fairly intense. She was forced to reflect on the feelings of loss and loneliness she had growing up without her mother.

Through the loss and the recent injury, she has had to reflect on what it means to not only survive, but how much life is to be appreciated and valued.

The common thread through each story is an appreciation for the life each has now. When we face trauma and survive, we are given a recognition for each moment we have. The hard part is making the most of what time we are given.

Those who have reached some level of success may have a more accessible platform to proclaim their newfound appreciation of life. It is up to them how they use it.

Two Legal Dramas That Will Make You Want To Become A Lawyer


It is said that life imitates art, and sometimes that art inspires people in what they want to do with their lives. A song could inspire you to become a musician or a singer. A painting could inspire you to start painting or drawing. A TV show could inspire you to become a doctor or lawyer.

Entertainment and art does inspire people to do many things, from creating their own to becoming trained in something they saw their favorite actor do in their latest television show. If you have a passion for legal dramas, you may find yourself inspired to become a lawyer, or maybe a judge. Here are a few legal dramas that are sure to make you think about going to college and hitting the books.

Law & Order

Whether you want to help people who have been hurt by their loved ones, raped, or you want to help the families of people that have been murdered, Law & Order has a show for you. In fact, there are seven incarnations of the Law & Order franchise.

In case you haven’t been keeping up since the first Law & Order aired way back in 1990, its popularity has bred many spin offs with great actors, like Ice-T. Spin offs include Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, Law & Order: LA, Law & Order: True Crime, and Law & Order: You the Jury. They mostly pull their cases straight from the headline, and you get a chance to see what happens behind the scenes when a crime is committed.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife is an extremely popular television show right now, maybe because of the acting or simply because of the storyline. Julianna Margulies plays the good wife of a former state attorney that finds himself in prison after a sex and corruption scandal. She has to go back to work to provide for her family, and works as a litigator for a law firm.

One of the reasons this show is so popular is that it spends a good deal of time in the courtroom with the main characters. You get to see what it is like to work in a law firm, and maybe find that it looks like something you’d enjoy. The other reason it’s popular is because people love the actors, and they keep the stories fresh and interesting.

If you’ve been considering getting into law, take some time to binge watch some great legal dramas like these, or even look up some of the popular legal based movies. There are plenty of them. You’ll get a chance to get an idea what that world is like, and determine if it’s really what you want to do!

Steps You Need to Take If You Want to Make A Film

slumdog millionaire

Film is one of frontrunners for entertainment in society today. Television itself has only been around since 1925. If you think about that, it’s been less than a hundred years and the world has completely been transformed by a little box that is able to broadcast information to the world in an instant. It’s really a marvelous invention.

For anybody who wants to be a filmmaker today, it’s not an easy line of work to be in, but it’s a line of work that can have major payoff if you’re able to secure the funds and make the money back once the film has been released. Making the money back is much harder than you would think. Many independent films will only make back a fraction of what it cost them to put together the film. If you’re undaunted by this statistic, you might have the savvy it takes to make it in this world. Here are some other steps you need to take if you want to make a film:

Develop A Vision

To carry any project through, it’s crucial that a vision is developed so that there can be a cohesive end product. A vision also helps things to stay on track and helps with the financials and other logistics of a project. If you don’t know what you want to make, it sets you up for an uninspired, challenging time.

Take your time looking for a project journey that is one that you want to embark on. Once you’ve grasped onto something that you believe needs to be made into a film, develop that into a fully fledged, operable vision by looking at this.

Establish Backers

Developing a vision is often the easy part. Once you know what you’re doing and you believe that it’s worth doing, you then have to go on to convince others of that. These people are often people who have no interest in why you’re working on the project, they’re just investors who have made their money by investing in things that they’re sure they’re going to make a return on. You’re going to have to establish backers by convincing them that your film will succeed. If it’s not about the money, you might have a hard time, but it doesn’t mean your art isn’t worth making anyway.

Cast the Talent

Casting talent can either be one of the last steps in making a film, or it can be one of the first. If you’re looking for star power and they’re the name selling the show, they will be the first thing you secure before all else, if you’re just making a film for the sake of a film, you’ll want to have a team established so that you can then go on and find the talent that is going to make your film come to life.

kids doing art

Reasons More Films Need to Portray The Power of Art in Children’s Lives

School systems around the world are constantly debating about the value of art in the lives of children around the globe. When there is only so much funding in a school system, is it really pertinent that the money go to funding things like the arts in school? Where lies the value in that if the advancement of the world is based on advancements in technology, math, science, and things of the like?

Art is Being Defunded in School

It’s a very sad reality to come to terms with. School systems are being faced with the defunding of arts programs in massive ways and it’s taking a toll on everybody more than the people doing the defunding would like to believe. Art is powerful. In school, it provides an outlet for students to express themselves. It teaches them to cope, to be problem solvers, it develops their brain to be able to do many things at once, and it ultimately makes them better at things like math and science. Continue reading

ER TV show

Four Medical Dramas You Must Watch

People love television, which is why TV has expanded even farther and many of your favorite shows no longer have to be watched in syndication because of things like Hulu and Netflix. Whether you’re more into doctors doing brain surgery, or you want something that is more comic relief, there is a medical show or you out there.

Medical shows aren’t going to give you the knowledge to become a doctor. They are usually laced with romance, but they can be inspirational. Sometimes they will bring tears to your eyes, sometimes they will make you laugh, and sometimes they will simply make you want to go to nursing school or medical school. Continue reading