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Del Toro & Eick Behind ABC’s New Hulk

Remember the new live-action Incredible Hulk series that Marvel and ABC are working on? Geek-friendly writer/director Guillermo del Toro and Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick are the team behind this new imagining of the Hulk’s story for TV.

Del Toro’s involvement is enough to get me onboard, as this will be his first-ever foray into television. And the Hulk is just the kind of outsidery character that he’s known for.

This new incarnation of the Hulk will be an origin story for the character and his alter ego Bruce Banner, who will be younger than past versions (mid-twenties is likely). The Hulk himself will be realized with a mixture of CGI, puppetry, and prosthetics (no doubt to keep the effects budget under control). Del Toro will put his design skills to good use in giving the Jade Giant a new look, and may even direct the pilot. Eick will write the script, based on a story by himself and del Toro.

The series isn’t expected to be ready to air as part of the Fall 2011 season, but could be a mid-season replacement, or a Fall 2012 new show. Assuming it gets picked up in the first place.

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